Which Solution Is Best For You – Dental Implants Or A Dental Bridge?

Having a missing tooth in your mouth can be a very strange feeling. So much so that it may make tasks such as eating, drinking, or even speaking more difficult. When you live your entire life with a full set of teeth, it can feel as if your entire oral health is completely off. In reality, this is a fair assessment and it’s something that you should have fixed as quickly as possible.

For those that have a missing tooth, or even multiple missing teeth, your dentist may recommend that you either get a dental implant or a dental bridge. Since you have two options, here is what you should consider to help you make your choice.

A Dental Will Help To Preserve The Bone

When you get a dental bridge placed in your mouth, your dentist will affix it by drilling into the jaw. While this may sound painful, the good news is that this helps to preserver the bone itself. For those that are looking to avoid damage to their teeth or the rest of their oral health in the future, a bridge is a great alternative to their natural tooth.

Dental Implants Are Incredibly Strong

Since dental implants are placed directly into the jaw, they are also incredibly strong. Most dental implants will last many decades, which means that patients will have a healthy set of teeth that will feel comfortable.

Dental Implants Look And Feel Natural

What might be the most important concern for any patient who needs a dental treatment is how natural it will look once it’s completed.A dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, which is one reason that many people prefer this option over a dental bridge.

A Dental Bridge Is Less Expensive

The main benefit about a dental bridge is that it’s going to be much less expensive than a dental implant. Dental bridges don’t require nearly the amount of work that a dental implant does, so patients can rely on this as a financially appealing option.

A Dental Bridge May Require Less Time At The Dentists Office

Not only is a dental bridge going to be less expensive, but it may also require less treatment at the dentists office as well. For those that have a hectic schedule and find it difficult making time to visit the dentist, then a dental bridge may be the best option because it won’t require as many trips to the dentist.

The Bottom Line

When you get a dental implant, you are looking at longevity, durability, and a likeliness that looks just like a natural tooth. However, a dental bridge is going to be a much less intensive procedure, which could be something that people who have a difficult time with dental treatments are looking for. What may be the best way to look at it is that a dental implant is more of an investment into the future of your oral health, while a dental bridge may be ideal for someone that is looking for a more expedited resolution.


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