Forgot Your Toothbrush: Now What?

That moment you realized you’re staying away from home and forgot to pack your toothbrush. It’s happened to us all. But now what? Don’t worry—there are some quick fixes to resourcefully clean your teeth from Smiles n more Dental Clinic in HSR Layout, Bangalore

Got Toothpaste? In this case maybe you just forgot to grab your toothbrush on the way out the door but still have your toothpaste. This is ideal. Find a paper towel—thicker is best—and wrap it around your index finger. Get it slightly damp and apply the toothpaste. Now, use your finger as a makeshift brush and start at the gums to scrape off plaque from each tooth. Do the same as your work your way inside, replacing the paper towel and reapplying a small amount of toothpaste as needed. At the end, don’t forget to give your tongue some attention to get even fresher breath.

No Toothpaste, No Brush. Don’t panic, there’s still a way to clean those pearly whites! Go to the bathroom and thoroughly wash your hands—you need a clean, wet finger. Now use that still-wet finger to wipe each tooth from the gum down to remove plaque. Between teeth, clean your finger to avoid spreading any bacteria. You can also use a thick paper towel wrapped around your finger, and slightly dampened, to help wipe away any excess plaque. Rinse well to make sure you’re clearing it all away and loosening the particles stuck between your teeth.

DIY Toothpaste. If you have access to salt and water, you can actually make your own kind of toothpaste alternate. Because saltwater has antibacterial qualities, you can mix one or two teaspoons with eight ounces of warm water and use the same no brush method—your finger or a paper towel to brush away plaque. This salt-and-water mixture also works as a great after-rinse to make your entire mouth feel cleaner.

If you’re concerned about your breath, don’t forget that staying hydrated and keeping your mouth wet will help. Avoid foods with pungent flavors, and try to munch on fruits and veggies like apples, strawberries, celery red bell peppers and broccoli to help loosen food particles and keep the mouth moist. 

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